An electrocardiogram is also called an ECG or EKG. It is a simple and painless test that records the heart's electrical activity over a period of time.

We provide an increasingly useful and accessible way to confirm OSA by measuring oxygen saturation, heart rate, air flow and effort while also recording details about snoring and position. This can be done in your home via a home based sleep test.

We offer allergy testing at our PulseAir clinic. Allergy testing is used to find out which substances can cause a person to have an allergic reaction.

Consultation is the first step to successful care and the most important aspect of medical treatment. A visit will help you to understand the various treatment methods and tests that may be ordered.

An echocardiogram uses sound waves (much like an ultrasound) to create a moving picture of the heart. The picture is much more detailed than an x-ray image and involves no radiation exposure.

We are an approved Home Oxygen Provider covered by Alberta Aids for Daily Living (AADL).